Augmented Reality Talk at weelearning, Bristol

Wednesday 16th Jan saw me talk about Augmented Reality to the weelearning group in Bristol.  This is a subject that I have personally followed for a couple of years and have watched it mature into what it is now.  True, it can be a gimmick, but it’s one that people remember and take notice of. For this reason, I wanted to see how it could be used within eLearning.

After a quick intro and a brief explanation of what Augmented Reality was, I showed some examples.  The first was location based, using Junaio, where users are able to connect to a location channel and “see” locations, objects or pictures around them by holding their mobile device in front of them. Imagine using this for induction based training on a large site!

I then showed off some print based publications that used an app called Layar.  This augments media such as an images, video, sound clips or even twitter feeds over a given page.  The Layar magazine worked well as a great way to show off it’s capabilities, the front cover turning from a static image straight into a informative video.  I also created a simple poster for weelearning which when hovered over shows a twitter feed, tweet buttons as well as the website!

I then continued to show some of the ways that my employer, rts eSolutions has used Augmented Reality.  As part of a training session in Frankfurt and Nice we set up a number of reference images that showed additional content when the 40+ delegates hovered their iPads over.  This was a great success and instantly grabbed their attention.  They were able to quickly access full multimedia quickly and easily in an engaging manner.  This was featured on the Layar blog here.

If this wasn’t enough to get people excited, showing the Mars lander 3D certainly blew them away!  This is a great app allowing people to see and interact with the mars lander from anywhere.  Definitely one to use to show off AR capabilities!

We are also experimenting with a number of ways 3D models can be used and hope to be working on some exciting projects soon – keep tuned!

To end the talk, I showed a couple of videos showing the future of Augmented Reality, using headsets/glasses.  BMW have a (very old!) video showing how a car technician can use the technology as part of servicing a car.  Although this video shows a headset, this is nothing compared to the new Google glasses that are due for release in 2013.  Everyone loved the cheesy video they have put together.

So, that’s all I had for this talk, but things are advancing a lot and our clients are always asking for more. So keep tuned and expect some more great examples soon.

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