Article in the MIM Magazine on Augmented Reality

I’ve done a number of talks and demonstrations on Augmented Reality and how it can be used in learning over the past few months.  I was recently asked to write an article on this for the ‘Motor Industry Magazine’ to allow the readers to gain CPD points.

I introduced the article with an introduction of the technology, talked about where it has been used in the automotive industry then went on to discuss the challenges of using it within learning.  To add an additional layer to the piece I decided to make the article compatible with Layar, an Augmented Reality browser.  By hovering over your mobile device and using the freely available Layar app, additional content appears allowing you to add me to linkedIn, view the videos I talk about or swipe through the photos from our recent Kia event.

View this for yourself by clicking here to download the pdf.

Augmented Reality Talk at weelearning, Bristol

Wednesday 16th Jan saw me talk about Augmented Reality to the weelearning group in Bristol.  This is a subject that I have personally followed for a couple of years and have watched it mature into what it is now.  True, it can be a gimmick, but it’s one that people remember and take notice of. For this reason, I wanted to see how it could be used within eLearning.